Jovan Mandaric

General Manager
Jutilitek Solutions

Bilateral Meetings

  • (10:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.)
DescriptionJUTILITEK Solutions was founded in Skopje. We supply and install monitoring and telemetry equipment and provide data management services for water, waste water and gas networks. We also provide maintenance services, installation and training for maintenance products including automatic lubrication, alignment and automatic diagnostics solutions for rotating machinery. JUTILITEK Solutions provide direct support and training to customers on installation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure the products achieve optimum performance. We operate with the utilities and other industry within the national market and neighboring countries. Our solutions have a significant impact in helping our customers save time, effort, natural resources, energy and cost.
Organization Type Company
City SKOPJE , Orce Nikolov 75-A I/3
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Outsourcing cooperation / Technical co-operation

Outsourcing cooperation and Technical cooperation with foreign partner.