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Fonko Hidro Doo Skopje

Bilateral Meetings

  • (10:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.)
DescriptionThe company Fonko Hydro was established in Skopje 2010.The company is a partnership, founded by Electro engineer with more than 30 years of experience in engineering, and aMechanical engineer with more than 15 years experience. In addition, the management is supported by a well structured team of qualified and experienced design, supervision and consultant engineers, with substantial experience in the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and hydro-technical constracting field. In order to achieve the highest quality, performance and time efficiency,the activities are closely monitored and tightly controlled by the Management whose primary objective is to deliver quality services in a timely manner.
Organization Type Company
City Skopje , st. Vasil Gjorgov no. 28,

offering feasibility, design, consenting and installation expertise for small-scale hydropower proj

Pre-feasibility studies
Feasibility studies
Documentation for authorisations procedures
Economic and financial studies
Hydrological and hydraulic studies
Environmental impact assessments
Documentation for the environmental impact authorisation
Documentation needed for financial support
Estimate of the plants value
Documentation for water concession or other authorisation requirements
Preliminary design
Construction design
Topographical and geological surveys complementary to design
Documentation and assistance on civil and hydraulic works contracts
Documentation and assistance on electromechanical equipment contracts
Construction supervision
Final and ongoing testing
Assistance to the plants commissioning
Operation and maintenance manuals for hydroelectric plants
Consulting on plants operation and management