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GORD Systems Services (for short GORD) is an independent developer of innovative solutions based on IoT, Machine learning and Mobile technologies for international customers (Europe, Canada and USA), with focus on industry sectors like Agriculture, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Health and Government.

GORD has been established in 2006 (a daughter company of Gord Sistemi, established in 1989), as an independent software development company with focus on outsourcing services for international customers (primarily mobile and web based solutions).

After 5 years, GORD entered the area of embedded software development for IoT devices for clients in Canada and USA. Encouraged by the large number of successful projects developed for our clients, we decided to develop our own IoT product. We started with Wireless Network Sensors for the industry, for measurement of temperature, humidity, GPS positioning, vibration, etc.

In 2017 the company developed the first prototype of IntelliSTEM smart probe, its first IoT based product intended for the Agrifood sector, followed by the IntelliSTEM Irrigation controller. In parallel, the GORD continued the development of the IntelliSTEM Real-time ERP (Decision Support System), software solution designed to support the agriculture producers in theirs every day business.

PRODUCTS (SW solutions developed in the period 2010-2019):

* Business Navigator (BN), ERP solution

* Business Navigator ERP RT, a real-time ERP solution, including ,

   - IntelliSTEM DSS (Decision Support System) solution for Agrifood sector

   - Real-Time quality control and assurance, support for ISO, HASAP, HALAL and other standards

   - Predictive-maintenance

   - Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Control


IT Outsourcing services, including design, development and implementation of:

* Custom Software (BPA, SW development, deployment and technical support);

* Mobile solutions (Android, iOS, Win Phone, Web based) 

* IoT solutions (embedded software development, integration with higher level applications and technical support);

* QA, Software Testing services (mobile and desktop solutions on various platforms)

* Business Intelligence services (Reporting, Data integration, OLAP implementation on platforms: IBM/SPSS, Microsoft BI, Pentaho, BIRT, Jaspersoft)

* ERP/CRM, eCommerce and E/CMS implementation and technical support

With our IntelliSTEM and other technology based solutions, we aim to participate the 4th Agrifood revolution (digital food production), scale internationally and become a globally recognized developer of innovative solutions based on IoT, Mobile, Machine learning and Blockchain technology.

GORD is managed by a multidisciplinary team with technical and commercial competences required to successfully execute current and future company activities. With combined experience of over 80 years in developing ICT solutions for a variety of industries that include Manufacturing, Food Processing, Health and Agriculture, GORD has the technological knowledge and understanding of the market required to successfully develop innovative solutions based on IoT, Mobile, Machine learning and Blockchain technologies.

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IntelliSTEM video presentation:;



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Innovative Energy Efficiency solutions

Innovative Energy Efficiency Management solutions based on IoT, Machine learning and Mobile technologies, for the Industry (Agriculture, Food processing, Manufacturing) and Public sector.

Keywords: InnovativeEnergy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency ManagementIoTMachine learningMobile solutionsIndustryAgricultureFood processingManufacturingPublic sector.Government
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