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An Austrian company that manufactures biomass energy systems for the international market. With our work we bear an economic, environmental and social responsibility for present and future generations.

As early as 1954 our first product for generating energy from wood was created with Kohlbach's own combined wood drying and room heating system. Patents, prizes, awards and economic success followed. The power range of our systems is from 400kW up to 18MW, for all types of thermal media, warm water, hot water, saturated or overheated steam and hot thermal oil.

For decades Kohlbach has been a partner for renowned research center both domestically and internationally and has constructed a range of widely respected EU demonstration plants for high technology. The knowledge and experience of the Kohlbach employees in the field of energy release from biomass are incomparable and are in international demand. We support the customer during the development of an economic and practical solution for their generation of power and heat from wood. Boiler technology, boiler engineering and planning, manufacturing and installation as well as regular service Kohlbach is your trusted source.

Today the Kohlbach group encompasses companies in Austria as well as subsidiaries in Croatia, Germany and France. In addition, there are licensees in Switzerland and Scotland and multiple sales partners in a range of other countries.

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