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DescriptionInnovative wastewater sludge treatment technologies: processing of sewage sludge in a soil corrector for sustainable agriculture 
Innovando’s technology is protected by a special patent related to the treatment and processing of sewage sludge in a soil corrector, aiming to reduce the disposal costs and potential health risks. 
Being an integral part of any modern municipal / industrial wastewater treatment plant, our sludge management solutions are concentrated on the nutrients in the sludge, in such way to make the use of its material and energy, while disposing it efficiently and in the most sustainable way. 
Apart from being less susceptible to market and weather fluctuations, our solutions are also treating biological material in liquid phase - directly on the water purification plants. 
The solution comes in two main sludge treatment plant configurations:  1) Offline: fixed and mobile systems, placed at the sludge producers’ wastewater treatment plants  2) Online / In-line: treating biological materials in liquid phase, installed directly on the water purification plants, on liquid sludge line. 
 The latter configuration simplifies an overall management and administration procedures, due to the fact that is acting directly on a wastewater treatment plant. In other words, this type of treatment operates on the liquid sludge line, which hasn’t yet been classified as waste. Therefore, the wastewater treatment plant does not produce waste anymore but fertilizers for a direct implementation in agriculture. 
Our proven methods for a biomass recovery have been legally entitled and aligned with all local regulations, while our end-products belong to the National Register of Fertilizer Manufacturers. Moreover, product has been both accredited & registered at ECHA-European Chemicals Agency (REACH)
In case you're curious about iIntroducing circularity in your country’s water treatment sector, while promoting an overall sustainability, let’s get in touch and open a dialogue.
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ABOUT INNOVANDO SRL Innovando Srl is a global waste management service provider and innovative technologies developer, specialized in Extended Producers Responsibility and End of Life Compliance Service, trading up to 60,000 tons of waste annually from nearly 3,000 collection points. 
Our sustainability and corporate social responsibility has been recognized by the United Nations Global Compact - Network Italia, the largest Corporate Social Responsibility network. Innovando Srl forms its Board of Directors, aiming to promote & call companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals.
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Innovative solutions for wastewater sludge treatment and disposal

Innovative wastewater sludge treatment technologies: processing of sewage sludge in a soil corrector for sustainable agriculture

Patented technologies, registered products, Italian know-how