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DescriptionKössler - Small Hydro
•Reliability, innovation, quality and experience in small hydro equipment •Founded 1928, since 2007 member of the Voith Group of Companies •Center of competence for Small Hydro within Voith •In-house core competencies: –Turbine and model development –Engineering and quality assurance –Manufacturing –Erection and commissioning –After Market Business - HyService •E&M turnkey solutions 
Francis Turbines •Spiral case turbines with vertical or horizontal shaft arrangement •Flume type turbines with horizontal or vertical shaft arrangement •Head up to 250 mKaplan Turbines •Bulb type turbines •Vertical arrangements  •Spiral case arrangements •Head up to 35 m Pelton Turbines •Horizontal, with 1, 2, 3 jets •Vertical, with 3 to 6 jets •Inner or outer regulated nozzles •Head up to 1200 m StreamDiver™ •Compact turbines for low head applications •Simplified civil structure •Easy integration in existing weir systems or dams •Modular design •Output up to 800 kW, head 2,5 – 8 m eQ-Solutions •Standardized, compact Francis, Pelton and Kaplan turbines •For economical applications in the lower output range •Strong focus on essential functions, equipment and plant safety •Output up to 1200 kW, head up to 200 m

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City St. Georgen am Steinfeld , St. Georgner Hauptstraße 122
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Small Hydro Power Plants


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